NCPI Promotes Ethical Breeding

  • Here at National Companion Pets Institute (NCPI), we believe in promoting ethical breeding of all companion pets through love, care, support and education. We conduct thorough checks on all our Registered Breeders to ensure that they are committed to providing love, compassion, safety and welfare to their animals, so that you have peace of mind that you’re next companion has come from a loving and ethically focused Breeder.

  • NCPI believes in promoting ‘healthy pets’ in both pure breeds and first generation cross breeds who are bred for specific purposes, such as medical or social requirements. All Breeder applications are encouraged to obtain an independent Veterinarian report outlining required health information from the Breeder to ensure the upmost health and temperament of their animals prior to breeding. This also eliminates any on-going breed specific health problems, making these Breeders make ‘healthy pets’. Health information should be available upon request should a potential buyer want to eliminate any common breed specific health problems from an NCPI Registered Breeder.

  • We expect all NCPI Registered Breeders to breed for the love of their animals, because they want their chosen breed to flourish and to provide people and families with healthy, lifelong companions. We expect NCPI Breeders to screen their prospective buyers to ensure their  babies are going to the right homes, as companion pets.

  • NCPI Breeders encourage responsible companion ownership by providing educated information about the breed, on-going support and communication with the new owners, provision of health records and future responsibilities.

  • NCPI Breeders are required to adhere to all of their Local and State Government laws, rules, regulations and legislations in relation to:

    • General health, cleanliness and well being

    • Kennels / Housing is roomy and comfortable

    • Up to date on inoculations

    • Kennels / Housing is roomy and comfortable

    • Animals are well-fed and well-groomed

    • Their daily exercise routine and areas 

    • The premises where their animals are kept 

Should you feel that an NCPI Registered Breeder is working outside of your Local or State Government Laws, or is operating unethically and breaching NCPI Code of Conduct & Rules please click here